Mobile Fitness Apps That Pack A Punch

Staying fit couldn’t get any easier – with free mobile fitness apps at your disposal; you (almost) have a personal trainer with you, wherever you go. The only trouble is finding mobile fitness apps that work best for you. So, here is a lowdown on 4 of the best fitness apps that you can use.

Nike Training Club

With a selection of more than 100 custom workouts this is a great ( to begin your fitness program with. The mobile fitness app comes with audio support and thorough instructions so you can master the dynamic drills to perfection. You have the option of selecting your choice of music for the workout routines which makes the whole thing fun.

As you progress you get to unlock special workout routines created by personal trainers of celebrities like Rihanna and Ara Nunez.

Xerofit Virtual Personal Trainer app

This is among the most convenient fitness apps there are. Once you download the app, you can set your target and pick your workout preferences. Based on your inputs the ( designs a completely personalized workout routine for you.

The app has a host of interesting features such as the personal workout calendar that lets you keep a check on your progress. You can use this feature to record workouts done and schedule new ones.

The workouts have been designed by a team of professional trainers and athletes, who have skillfully incorporated a range of exercises and skill levels into the program. This allows individuals with different fitness levels to use the app with ease. No matter what your fitness level, you can rest assured the workouts will deliver positive results.

Livestrong Myplate Calorie Tracker

A workout is incomplete unless you make a conscious effort to control your calorie intake. Anyone who has tried doing this will know what a tedious task this can be. This is where the <Livestrong’s Myplate calorie tracker> ( app comes in handy.

You need to download the app and create a profile on the website, and you are ready to go. Creating the profile is the key here, as it will include precise details about you and your lifestyle. Things like your age, height and weight, the kind of physical activities you do and of course the target weight you are aiming for.

This information is used to calculate the number of calories you can consume each day, to help you achieve your target weight. You can control your calorie intake by entering what you eat into the database and get an instant calorie count on the product.


If keeping tabs on the calorie intake is difficult imagine shopping for foods with the right nutrient and calorie count! If you are trying to get fit then you must try this ( The app assists you in shopping for healthier foods. You just need to enter the items on your grocery list and the mobile app will rank them from 1to100, on the basis of how healthy the items are.

The app also has a feature that lets you trade up unhealthy foods with healthier substitutes. This trading option is a winner, as it lets you stay on a healthy diet plan.

These are among the best mobile fitness apps that help you through a myriad of fitness related tasks. The best part is they are all free.

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Online Personal Training

Could online personal training be as valuable as teaming up with a singular physical health specialist in person?

In the event that you stroll into to your provincial exercise center, it without a doubt is not protracted before you see the beginner health club client with a mentor remaining close them. However there appears to be a surge in the measure of provisions from those learner wanting to stay fit and workout – to hunt down an online personal teacher.

Most people will surely be accepting exactly how conceivably online personal training could be secure and solid, well it could, and it has an extent of one of a kind preferences. The principal being in your wallet; contracting an online personal health specialist is reasonable and will surely set you back a little portion of the expenses one is prone to be requested by a teacher basically based at the local rec center.

Don’t accept for essentially one moment you are going to allowed to slack. Online singular training will positively have the profit of empowering you to practice in your time and when it perfect reaches you, by the by these spans will unquestionably require to be prearranged with your web distinct health specialist, so don’t assume a less intricate trek.

Online personal training incorporates coordinated telephone phone calls with your coach who will need to hear confirm that your working out session has indeed been gotten and you normally are not putting your feet up and checking the television while pooh-poohing pizza.

Online personal training has its special dissimilar livens in adaptability and expense. You may clearly like to practice in your home and use your one of a kind stationary bike, treadmill or weights in circumstance you have the unit in your home. However its presumably online singular training will probably be similarly trying for you as a personal health specialist in-individual seems to be.

Your online teacher will absolutely need to see confirmation of simply what you are consuming, precisely what you are taking in and additionally a thorough assessment of the workouts you have really achieved.

There are bunches of applications open for cell phones that can tape your activity schedules exploiting GPS, so don’t expect you can trick when utilizing up online personal training. Your personal online health specialist could well jump at the chance to join with you on informal communication sites, by the by don’t worry about them snooping in your private life as they are going to doubtlessly simply utilize it to offer you feature cut guidelines beyond any doubt workouts, see whether you are doing your morning runs, approve on your run times and only normally be there for you to contact any sort of blazing concerns you can perhaps have.

You might moreover read your educators online health and fitness web journal website, for typical methods, brand-new workout programs, new regimens, and to keep you side by side of new improvements in the physical fitness industry. Feel free of expense to get some information about any analyses to your personal coach that you may have in your brain.

Online personal training will at present offer inspiration, common take a gander at substantial health and fitness degrees and on best of that the adaptability to do the activities without needing to travel.

The fitness training project you will unquestionably get will positively be master present day, and personalized.

Think as of it! The time it now, time to procure fit!

Online singular training has its extraordinary exceptional profits in flexibility and moderateness. You could obviously pick to practice in your habitation and use your working out two wheeler, treadmill or weights in occurrence you have the mechanical assembly at home. It’s no doubt online personal training will probably be as trying for you as a personal educator in-individual seems to be.

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Personal Training Apps For iOS And Android Smartphones

11Of late mobile applications have been offering a plethora of personal training apps for easy download onto iOS and Android powered mobile devices. These apps make it easy for people to consider incorporating some kind of a fitness regimen into their hectic schedules. The trouble is there are hundreds of such applications that can be downloaded for free; and deciding on which would work for you can be a major challenge. The fact is despite the numbers of personal training apps freely available only a few qualify for the top slot. With that being said, here is a lowdown on a few personal training apps that meet the bar.

Boot Camp Challenge

If you are looking for personal training apps that challenge you to the limit, then look no further. The ( is the mother of all personal training applications.

It is an exhaustive fitness program packed into 18 days. The grueling exercise program combines a combination of cardio training, strength training and endurance exercises that pack a powerful punch.

The workout routines are slotted into three categories – Beginners, intermediate and advanced with over 200 workout videos to help burn the most stubborn fat and build muscle.

The military style exercise app is created by Lori Patterson – a former US Army trainer. The app is free for a trial period of 24 hours. If you want the app in your collection you can purchase it for a mere $3.99. Not a big sum considering the huge benefits you can reap from it.

Daily Ab Workout

As the name suggests ( comprises of routines that target your abs. The app can be downloaded for free. You get 3 workout schedules, along with instructive videos that guide you through the workout.

This app makes it to the top for 2 reasons –

The concentration is on the abdomen, which is a problem area for most.

The exercise routines are designed for people with busy schedules, who can barely spare 10 minutes for exercise.

Nike Training Club App

If there ever was a comprehensive personal training app then ( This is a meticulously designed fitness app that takes personal physical training to a new level.

You get a wide array of workouts, segregated into multiple levels that can be customized to meet individual fitness needs. Workout routines range between15minutes and 45minutes, with each routine having a concise, easy to follow, step-by-step video.

Workout Trainer

The ( is a complete package that focuses on all the aspects of physical training. The personal training app has dedicated tools for different facets of fitness training and offers solutions for the most common fitness needs.

Weight loss and muscle building are the two most common fitness issues that people face. Whether you are in search of a tool to help you shed excessive pounds or you are looking for ways to build lean muscle, you will find suitable exercise routines in the app to achieve your goal.

The application also has workout routines to strengthen the core and to improve flexibility. All the instruction videos feature professional fitness trainers who explain each routine in detail.

The USP of this app is the Off The Couch Blast – a 4 min exercise routine that aims at burning fat and improving muscle tone.

So which personal training apps are you going to download?

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